Customized Wooden Boards

Your dream our performance

Our boards are not only from the best quality

They are work of art with the best performance on water

The board is customized. The shape of the partitions, the head, the tale, the wood type and the design are all according to your vision.

Wooden oars
Gamba  8'
Trenc 11' 2"-6"
Gamba 8' SURF SUP
Buddha  YOGA SUP
Cascade 14' FAST SUP
Umpqua 12' 6'' Touring SUP

Build your own vessel

Build your dream vessel, with our qualities, by yourself. 

We mainly use

Paulownia wood

With a combination

of red cedar

About Us

I was born from the sea. This is where I lived my childhood and youth. My name GAL (Wave) merges perfectly with my life. Sailboats, boating competitions, the endless time on the beach and the sound of the waves constitute the memories of my childhood.

After my studies in the university I started working with high-tech companies. After spending 2 decades in front of the computer, I felt the need to express the creativity that dwelt inside of me. I wanted to create things you can touch, sense and see. The combination of my love for the sea and the desire to create led me to the Art of building Wooden Vessels.  For a decade I have been to courses and trainings all over the world in the desire to excel in wooden boat building.

Five years ago it finally happened. I felt I can no longer sit behind a desk. I decided to follow my heart. I moved to Mallorca, an island on Sea and Sailing and I established Sivan Woodcraft – A workshop that specializes in building small vessels from wood with the combination of modern techniques and materials. We wanted to put an emphasis on the texture of the wood and its natural pattern. Keeping the authenticity of nature is what guides me through the whole process of building, and that is what makes our vessels, unique, ecological and environmental friendly.

The longing for my family, friends and the beaches of my childhood is what carried me back home. My sister Vered is an international sculptor. I asked her to add Sivan Woodcraft a more inspirational and creative dimension, in order for our vessels to have a first rate artistic experience.

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