When art meets the sea

customized wooden boards

We love building vessels and you can appreciate our passion on each and every one of our SUPs.

Our SUPs / surf boards are a work of art with amazing performance; for this reason, so many paddlers want us to build them a customized SUP/ surf board with an exclusive design.

If this is your direction, all you need to do is choose the SUP/ surf board model you want and we will schedule a meeting to discuss your needs and vision.


Designing the SUP

Our SUP is built and customized especially for each paddler, in regards to every relevant parameters: weight, style of paddling, and the sea.

The shape of the partitions, the head, the tale, the wood type and the design – all is selected according to the customer’s favorite shape.

Material and Quality

Our SUPs are made of wood, a classic material for vessels. The wood is 4 times stronger than Fiberglass (same thickness). Epoxy is lighter, stronger and more durable than Polyester – a fact that ensures longevity. The wood is an authentic piece of nature, and as such it’s unique; one of a kind. Each SUP has its own design, its own personal attention and a level of finishing that transfers it to a piece of art. The Sivan SUPs give you the best performance in water and convert the paddling experience to something new.


Ecological and Friendly


Our SUP is made of Paolownia wood with a mixture of red Cedar. The Paolonia trees grow really fast and therefore are the best substitute for the massive deforestation. It is both ecological and environmental friendly. The Cedar wood also arrives from forests that have an international standard of protecting the environment. Our epoxy coating is based on recycled materials such as wood pulp and biofuels, a fact that ensures a reduction of 37% of toxic materials.

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