Planking the board

Part 3

Planking the upper deck

The strips for the upper deck planking where chosen according to the wood patterns. They are barked by order from the center (the spine)

to the right 1R ... 6R and to the left 1L ... 6L. The first wood strips to the left and right are squire on one side and have a bead on the other side, the other strips where milled to have a bead and cove. the marking order of the strips is on the tail side facing up.


Align one of the middle strips to the center of the spine (the squire side on the middle of the spine and the bead side facing the rails). Mark the strip edge on each rib apply glue and hold the strip using spring clamps or mask tape.


Its easier to cut the deck strip to length (extra 1cm) before applying the glue.


Glue the second middle strip. apply pressure from the side by using bar clamps or ratchet straps. Apply pressure using spring clamps to the tail and nose blocks.


Glue the rest of the top deck strip by order using the same method.


Trim/sand  the excess deck strip to be flashed with the rails.

Flipping the board and installing the inserts blocks

Planking the bottom deck

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