How To Build Our Kits

Simplicity and accuracy 

Our kits are developed to enable home builder achieve maximum accuracy with minimum build complicity.

The methodology is based on my experience teaching our build your own SUP/Surfboard classes. The inspiration is based on the work of Randy Bogardus from ClearWoodPaddleBoards and Clayton Sansbury from SliverPaddleBoards.

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  • Review of the tool and materials needed for building your board

  • Review of the supplied kit

  • Planking the upper deck

  • flipping the board

  • Installing air vent, leash and fin box blocks

  • Planking the bottom deck

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  • Installing the leash and vent inserts

  • Installing fin box or fixed fins

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  • Building the strongback

  • Marking the fishbone placement

  • Connecting the fishbone to the strongback

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  • Rough sanding

  • Shaping the rails

  • Gap filling

  • fine sanding

  • How to apply the hot coat

  • Planking the rails and stringers

  • Installing the nose and tail blocks

  • Preparations

  • Fiber glassing the board

  • Preparations

  • Application

  • wooden paddles


  • environmental SUP


  • SUP building classes


  • סאפ מעץ