How long does it take to make a Sivan Woodcraft Board?

Generally about four weeks. Most of the year there is a waiting list around two months long.  We recommend contacting us as soon as possible to discuss production schedule on a full custom board. We occasionally do carry an inventory of our base boards, check our online shop to find if we currently have in-stock boards for immediate shipping.

How long will a board last

A lifetime if taken care properly. With the top shelf epoxy used as well as a top acrylic UV coat, there is very minimal of anything that needs to be done. Open and close the Vent is pretty much it. If you're in the ocean...an occasional wash with fresh water don't hurt. Pretty normal for salt water. I suggest not leaving the board in the sun for storage. UV rays are going to darken your board a bit. This is just a natural effect of fresh wood in the sun.

Where can I test ride one of your boards?