Kits for SUP & Surf Boards Building

If you are dreaming of building a beautiful,

practical and durable SUP/ Surf Board and you have experience working with wood and a space were to build, we can help you with one of our kits and an exceptional technical support.

Spine and ribs, already cut and numbered by CNC, made of marine plywood 4mm

(recommended for those with experience)

Fish bone - Spine and ribs, cut and numbered by CNC, marine plywood 4mm.

All the wood needed for building your Board:

Paulownia wood - 6mm strips cut, planed, gnawed and ready for assembly.

Red cedar wood - 6mm & 11mm strips, makes a beautiful contrast to the paulownia wood.

Balsa wood - To improve the fish bone frame surface.

Wooden blocks - For the nose, tail and handle.

Accessories - Sword house, Vent and leash inserts made of wood.

We have the honor of collaborating with the Shaper artist

Mr. Randi Bogardus, USA. Founder of Clearwood paddleboards.

We have building kits for his models:

Cascade, Umpqua, Buddha and the VLZ14.


You can order a kit of our SUP models.

It is recommended to participate in our Construction Fundamentals workshop.