Design by Randy Bogardus, The Umpqua is a board that was designed to be a fast paddling board for either touring or recreational racing.  This board has been paddled in all sorts of conditions and has been found to be a fast and fun performer. Although this board is not a dedicated downwind board, for those paddlers with some experience in surf the Umpqua is fun in downwind conditions. 

The “Umpqua” is available in 25″, 27”,  30” , 33″ and 34″ wide versions.


Personal workshop:

All the materials, privet building spot and a personal instructor. 

One on one on the dates and hours that agrees with your schedule.


Materials Include:

  • Fish bone - Spine and ribs, cut and numbered by CNC, marine plywood 4mm.

  • All the wood needed for building your Board:

  • Paulownia wood - 6mm strips cut, planed, gnawed and ready for assembly.

  • Red cedar wood - 6mm & 11mm strips, makes a beautiful contrast to the paulownia wood.

  • Balsa wood - To improve the fish bone frame surface.

  • Wooden blocks - For the nose, tail and handle.

  • Accessories - Sword house, Vent and leash inserts made of wood. 

  • Glues 

  • Fiberglass

  • Ecological Epoxy

Umpqua 12' 6'' - Touring SUP | Personal workshop

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